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  • 24" X 36"
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • Original

Arches National Park, Utah



Three Gossips is a mid-sized sandstone tower (about 350 feet at its tallest wall) sitting atop a roundish pedestal within the Courthouse Towers "cluster" that also includes The Argon Tower, The Organ, Tower Of Babel, Sheep Rock, and The Lamb. The name no doubt comes from a slight resemblance of the formation to three heads "gossiping" to each other. The tower has three flat and distinct summits: North, Middle, and South - all of approximately the same height. The North summit (probably the largest) is split by a wide chimney - a small jump gets you from one half of it to the other. Several published routes access the North and South summits (see Routes Overview section below); no routes are currently listed in published guidebooks for the Middle summit (but I thought that rap slings might have been visible on it).

Summit elevation of 4800 feet is a rough estimate based on information on a Topozone map.

Arches National Park, Utah


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framed canvas THREE GOSSIPS