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  • 36" X 24"
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • Original
  • Originally Built: 11th-century

    Re-Built Entirely in the 17th Century

    Lahore, Pakistan

    The Lahore Fort (Shahi Qila, or "Royal Fort"), is a citadel in the city of Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.  The fortress is located at the northern end of the walled city Lahore and spreads over an area greater than 20 hectares.  It contains 21 notable monuments, some of which date to the era of Emperor Akbar. The Lahore Fort is notable for having been almost entirely rebuilt in the 17th century when the Mughal Empire was at the height of its splendor and opulence.

    Though the site of the Lahore Fort has been inhabited for millennia,  the first record of a fortified structure at the site was in regard to an 11th-century mud-brick fort.  The foundations of the modern Lahore Fort date to 1566 during the reign of Emperor Akbar, who bestowed the fort with a syncretic architectural style that featured both Islamic and Hindu motifs.  Additions from the Shah Jahan period are characterized by luxurious marble with inlaid Persian floral designs, while the fort's grand and iconic Alamgiri Gate was constructed by the last of the Mughal Emperors, Aurangzeb, and faces the renowned Badshahi Mosque.

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