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  • 30" X 40"
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • Original

2-4 AD
Taxila, Pakistan

The "Fasting Buddha" is another masterpiece from ancient Gandhara that was excavated in Sikri, Pakistan, in the 19th centuryThe sculpture was donated to the Lahore Museum of PakistaN, where it is still displayed.

Strictly speaking, the statue should be called the "Fasting Bodhisattva" or the "Fasting Siddhartha," since it portrays an event that took place before the Buddha's enlightenment. On his spiritual quest, Siddhartha Gautama tried many aesthetic practices, including starving himself until he resembled a living skeleton. Eventually, he realized that mental cultivation and insight, not bodily deprivation, would lead to enlightenment. ‚Äč

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