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  • 36" X 24"
  • Acrylic on Canvas
  • Original
  • Sirkap,┬áTaxila, Pakistan
  • Sirkap was founded about 180 BCE by a Greek king, Demetrius. Sirkap has the ruins of several temples and a royal palace. One of the most impressive is the double eagled headed temple. The pilasters here are of a Greek design, "Corinthian columns". In the middle arch, a Greek temple is shown; in the outer, a shrine of a Hindu design can be seen. On top of these sanctuaries, a Double-headed eagle is seated from which the name of the Stupa has been derived. This motive is rather odd, to say the least, as it is originally Babylonian. It seems to have spread to Scythia and introduced in Punjab by the Saka rulers.

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